WAVE Garment

Accelerate growth with a scalable, customizable and uncomplicated garments software.


Our Garment software is a multi-dimensional software that performs multi-tasking at a single time. With very highly efficient work performances and easy navigation system, it’s a kind of blessing for any Garment professionals. The blizzard features and inviolable security system, has made Garment software in Bangladesh a part and parcel for any Garment companies here. Garment Inventory, production, yarn in-house, accessories in-house, shipment data, accounting, LC management, worker management, sales etc. features with cloud system can provide your business an experience of the best Garment software in Bangladesh.

With highly efficient and experienced developer team, our effort to contribute in the garment industry with the most effective Garment software in Bangladesh is still on run. To commercialize your business operation and organize the huge operational tasks in an orchestrated manner, our garment software in Bangladesh can drive your business to achieve milestone.

  • Lc management software
  • Commercial software
  • Merchandising software
  • Production software
  • Worker management
  • Client's premises
  • Installation 4000$
  • Backup 100$/ year
  • Customization 13$ / hour
  • 5 Gb space free
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