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About WAVE TaskManagement

Manage your tasks and projects anywhere at any time to streamline your workflow with the WaveTask app. It is easy, useful and more than only a to-do list. Update your work in the to- do list and get reminder before the due date. This app also enables you to share your list with your friends, colleagues and relatives. Our task management app, Wavetask permits you to write detail notes regarding any task. When you have lots of tasks to be done, you can set priorities for individual task with our task management app. Tags allows you to search for specific task when you look for something. You can group up similar tasks in our task management app.

  • Easy to use
  • Searching option
  • Notes under every task
  • Reminder and notification based on due date
  • Sharing list
  • Folder for similar type of tasks
  • Programmable for more advanced developments
  • Cloud
  • Installation 100$
  • 5$ / user / year
  • Customization 13$ / hour
  • 5 Gb space free
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  • Client's premises
  • Installation 500$
  • 5$ / user / year
  • Customization 13$ / hour
  • 5 Gb space free
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